Hack Green Secret Bunker : 22nd May 2010

We arrived at the Hack Green Secret Bunker and Jason immediately reacted with “Wow this is going to be a good night” and Patrick totally agreed. We were kindly shown around by Roger, our host for the evening and found the Bunker a fascinating place, even before we‘d started any investigations. There was a lot of wartime memorabilia including nuclear weapons which had only been available for the public to see since 2004. Jason, who is studying nuclear physics, was in his element here!!! When our Ghost Hunters arrived and we had had our security checks done and briefed about the building by Roger, we started our investigation into this extraordinary building. In the first area we encountered a spirit man standing at the end of the corridor and Patrick described him as “Tom” a man in his 50s who came from the farmland the Bunker had been built on. An older spirit man in his 60s appeared – a white collar worker to do with the government and the name “Frederick” was picked up on. All along these corridors were spirits standing around in the rooms and doorways – obviously interested in what we were doing. Voices were heard by Patrick, Jason, Claire, Julian and Roger. Another spirit man followed us around and when asked to copy Patrick’s whistle, a distinct whistling was heard by all of us and often throughout the evening he was heard whistling. We then climbed up onto a concrete area of the ventilation shaft, where Jason told us a spirit was hiding in the corner, keeping well away from us. After a while we climbed down from the area and both Jason and Samantha heard a growl and as we left a large bang was heard behind us. At this point a tea break was called for and whilst some of them were outside they heard distinct voices and movement around the building. We then moved into the corridor and office areas where Julian saw an old man peeping from behind the door. We decided to do some glass work in one of the room, where we got a lot of movement and banging in the office area. We were made aware that someone had passed away in there and the spirits were not happy at us being there and noticing them. Moving onto a second office, all our sensitive’s and mediums picked up on a very strange feeling in the room of a negative entity. During our glass work in here we connected with a man who had worked at the Bunker, with a foreign sounding name, who for some reason took a great dislike to Claire and told us to get out. Via the glass the name of Jarrod was spelt out who explained he had been killed at the Bunker aged 48. A lot of cold draughts were felt by all in this room, bearing in mind the whole building was sealed and sound proofed !!! Jarrod told us he liked Claire which made her feel better !!! We had a lot of table movement and tipping in here which indicated that the spirit person was an American. A banging could be clearly heard in the deserted corridors and a lot of noises coming from the offices. Sarah felt a tapping on her leg and once again a cold blast on her legs. From here, we moved along into the Cinema Room where we all picked up a strange smell likened to electrical burning. Here our glass work, once again, spelt out the name Jarrod and he responded to us with a “Hi” spelt out on the glass and the information that someone, who worked here in 1953, had died in a fire – hence the smell experienced. The glass was then taken over by another spirit who called himself “James” who, in response to questioning, told us he had lived here and that he disliked our host Roger because Roger had called him a liar (which Roger confirmed). He then began spelling out insults to all of us. Patrick intervened and asked him to stop being rude and insulting to our guests and his response was “Hee hee sorry” (more like a child’s response we felt) !!!!! He explained that he had died in the building and that there was also a woman there named Linda who had 2 children but he knew nothing else apart from the presence in the Bunker of an extremely nasty spirit man. Julian at this point began to get attacked and had to be taken outside of the building to recover even though there were a lot of energies out there as well. The rest of us decided a well-earned break was called for. After our break – fully refreshed and raring to go – we moved onto the Detonation Room, which, when the door was closed, felt very oppressive and claustrophobic. Here we experienced a LOT of tapping and table movement. A red ball was rolled off the table in answer to specific questions and in the direction as requested by Patrick. We were told about a lady who had committed suicide on the railway tracks near by and when asked to move the ball it didn’t roll by simply shook. Once again James warned us about the very nasty spirit man in the Bunker who they were all afraid off. For our final room, we moved onto the Women’s’ Dormitory , where the most impressive, albeit unpleasant, activity occurred. Julian immediately felt sick again and had to leave the room but returned to report he could feel a severe stabbing sensation in his side. Both Claire and Sarah simultaneously reported a strange sensation of being kicked “from the inside” similar to that felt whilst pregnant. We proceeded with glass work where it was spelt out that Jason was going to kill Julian !!!! At this point on looking at Jason we noticed his demeanour had changed completely, – he stood straight backed with his hands behind his back and stared at Julian. Patrick intervened and Jason was able to explain that a very stern, dark-haired military man with a foreign accent was attempting to possess him and he had to concentrate on not allowing him to do so. At this point Julian felt ill once more and he, Patrick and Roger left the area. The glass work was resumed with just the female members of the group and Jason whereby a female spirit connected very strongly with Jason. She spelt out very clear concise messages regarding her name, who she was, details about her being in the Bunker and her death at the hands of a German man. Jason was able to answer the questions posed by the ladies simultaneously as the glass spelt the answers out. He described who she was and at each disclosure the glass responded sharply to confirm what he had said was true. During this Jason was constantly aware of the very negative spirit man getting more angry and frightening her. We actually gained a lot of facts, names, dates etc from this lady which we are in the process of researching, as it is of a more recent date and hopefully we will be able to find reports on it. She also advised her that James was her son and she had been killed whilst pregnant with him. Hence us feeling a childish energy and the ladies experiencing internal kicking !!!! After giving us many details, she asked for help to be moved into the light. Jason called on Patrick to help with this, whilst he concentrated on keeping the negative entity at bay. Before moving into the light the lady said she wanted our help to get details of her story to her family and promised she would be able to connect with Jason at a later date in respect of this. Patrick was then able to move her and her son into the light with the help of his Spirit Guides. The whole evening here had been very exciting with the final experience giving us all a lot to think about. We will definitely be returning to the Bunker again in the future to see what else we can unearth and, hopefully, allow Jason to connect again with this gentle lady’s spirit.

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  2. Thanks for your information! Frankly speaking I have never read anything that cool.

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