The Green Man : 1st May 2010

Once everyone had settled down, and after a brief introduction by Bernice, Patrick, once again amazed everyone with a demonstration of mediumship and energy work. During this Susan’s mum came through  and Patrick was able to harness her energy to actually move Susan which, clearly, thrilled her. Patrick then continued to demonstrate to the audience the power of the energy given off by his Spirit Guides as, first, Callum was pushed and his knees weakened and visibly shook and then Sophie had all her own energy taken from her right hand side. Following this display Wendy volunteered, loudly assuring everyone that she was NOT going to allow herself to be moved, but in true Patrick fashion, landed on her knees. She thought this was purely down to mind games so she was turned away from Patrick who then, silently, instructed his Spirit Guides to push her from side to side whilst indicating only to the others which direction she would go. To say it freaked her out would be an understatement !!!!

We then proceeded to do some glass work and made contact with the spirit of George and a little girl (aged about 5) from the actual pub, who agreed to help us out during the evening’s fun. Family members were also brought in through the glass with more loving messages and proof of their interaction in our daily lives. A few of the ladies found their arms to be aching for no apparent reason and the temperature at the centre of the table climbed from 18 degrees up to 28 degrees. The people on the table were changed and the next group experienced a lot of knocking and extreme table tipping.

After a short break we moved to the far end of the pub where, in fact, Jason had expressed a great dislike for at the beginning of the evening. Here people developed severe back ache and feeling sick and, in fact, Wendy kept being pushed forward onto the table much to her obvious puzzlement. During glass and table work here we established that the little girl was called Emily and George moved the glass very vigorously to show that he had taken a liking to Susan !!! In this room George also, kindly, moved the chandelier to prove his presence. Jason at that point advised us that a very negative entity had come to the table. We moved to another area of the restaurant where, during table work Callum found his head constantly being pushed backwards and Tracy was poked in the back. Through very vigorous glass and table movement it was established that the negative entity previously encountered had, in fact, killed Emily deliberately.

After a break for much needed refreshments, our enthusiastic ghost hunters split into two groups for further investigations. One group went into the cellar with Jason and then to the central bar area where they established that a Highwayman was present who had killed people for their money and in turn was hung for his crimes (hence the feeling experienced by Callum of having his kneck pulled back). The other group remained with Patrick and worked on the glass whereby many family members dominated the table giving exact proof, evidence and messages that definately thrilled them and answered many of their questions. Meanwhile Jason called for Patrick’s help as he had been apraoched by a little spirit boy (a former chimney sweep aged about 7 or 8 ) who had been deliberately set on fire by the negative entity who had trapped him and Emily in the pub for centuries. The little boy and Emily had formed a friendship although from different times and they wanted to be helped to go to the light together. The little boy was unwilling to show his face to Jason as he was badly disfigured and embarrassed by it. Patrick and Jason then helped them through and once they had passed through to the light the little boy ran back to thank Jason for his help and showed himself to be free from his burns. This was a first for Jason and, although he was also spiritually attacked by the negative entity who had committed this heinous crime and held the children captive, he found it a moving although exhausting experience.

It was, all in all, a very exciting and interesting Ghost Hunt and we would like to thank our intrepid group of Ghost Hunters for all their imput and enthusiasm during the night and a big thank you to Lee and his staff for all their interest and help during our Ghost Hunt. We look forward to a return visit to the Green Man when we, once again, hope to unearth more of their unknown guests.

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