What are orbs and exactly what do they mean?

What are orbs and exactly what do they mean?

There are many differing opinions as to what orbs actually are. Some people believe, as do I, that they are spiritual energy, and are the first stage of a full blown spiritual manifestation. They are sometimes described as lifeforms that sometimes travel in groups and are believed to be the soul or lifeforce that once inhabited a physical body. It is also said that these are spirits that have willingly stayed behind because they feel bound to their previous lives and or locations. Continue reading

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Exorcism: Effective or Outdated?

As many of you may be aware the newest movie dealing with demons as well as the devil himself, is The Rite. Excited by the trailer of what I thought would be a horror movie, I decided to go along with the rest of the family to watch it. 

I soon realised that although this movie had all the horror themes too it, it simply wasn’t scary. Yes it had an eerie feel to it and some scenes made you jump, but a scary movie it wasn’t. Instead it appeared to me as a quest for one man to find his place and re-connect with not only his faith, but also his God. Continue reading

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Hello everybody and welcome to the brand new website of Ghost Gang Hauntings! This blog section is a place where topics of interested can be talked about and get some really good debates going! The topics will obviously all be based around the paranormal but sometimes I may get distracted and end up rambling about something completely different! Either way I hope you all enjoy the new home of Ghost Gang Hauntings and I look forward to engaging with you all :) x

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