Green Man, Brackley Hatch  on Saturday 1st May 2010

 Once everyone had settled down, and after a brief introduction by Bernice, Patrick, once again, amazed everyone with a demonstration of mediumship and energy work. During this Susan's mum came through to her and Patrick was able to harness her energy to actually move Susan which, clearly, thrilled her. Patrick then continued to demonstrate to the audience the power of the energy given off by his Spirit Guides as, first, Callum was pushed and his knees weakened and visibly shook and then Sophie had all her own energy taken from her right hand side. Following this display Wendy volunteered, loudly assuring everyone that she was NOT going to allow herself to be moved, but in true Patrick fashion, landed on her knees. She thought this was purely down to mind games so she was turned away from Patrick who then, silently, instructed his Spirit Guides to push her from side to side whilst indicating only to the others which direction she would go. To say it freaked her out would be an understatement !!!!

We then proceeded to do some glass work and made contact with the spirit of George and a little girl (aged about 5) from the actual pub, who agreed to help us out during the evening's fun. Family members were also brought in through the glass with more loving messages and proof of their interaction in our daily lives. A few of the ladies found their arms to be aching for no apparent reason and the temperature at the centre of the table climbed from 18 degrees up to 28 degrees. The people on the table were changed and the next group experienced a lot of knocking and extreme table tipping.

After a short break we moved to the far end of the pub where, in fact, Jason had expressed a great dislike for at the beginning of the evening. Here people developed severe back ache and feeling sick and, in fact, Wendy kept being pushed forward onto the table much to her obvious puzzlement. During glass and table work here we established that the little girl was called Emily and George moved the glass very vigorously to show that he had taken a liking to Susan !!! In this room George also, kindly, moved the chandelier to prove his presence. Jason at that point advised us that a very negative entity had come to the table. We moved to another area of the restaurant where, during table work Callum found his head constantly being pushed backwards and Tracy was poked in the back. Through very vigorous glass and table movement it was established that the negative entity previously encountered had, in fact, killed Emily deliberately.

After a break for much needed refreshments and cigarettes our enthusiastic ghost hunters split into two groups for further investigations. One group went into the cellar with Jason and then to the central bar area where they established that a Highwayman was present who had killed people for their money and in turn was hung for his crimes (hence the feeling experienced by Callum of having his kneck pulled back). The other group remained with Patrick and worked on the glass whereby many family members dominated the table giving exact proof, evidence and messages that definately thrilled them and answered many of their questions. Meanwhile Jason called for Patrick's help as he had been apraoched by a little spirit boy (a former chimney sweep aged about 7 or 8) who had been deliberately set on fire by the negative entity who had trapped him and Emily in the pub for centuries. The little boy and Emily had formed a friendship although from different times and they wanted to be helped to go to the light together. The little boy was unwilling to show his face to Jason as he was badly disfigured and embarrassed by it. Patrick and Jason then helped them through and once they had passed through to the light the little boy ran back to thank Jason for his help and showed himself to be free from his burns. This was a first for Jason and, although he was also spiritually attacked by the negative entity who had committed this heinous crime and held the children captive, he found it a moving although exhausting experience.

It was, all in all, a very exciting and interesting Ghost Hunt and we would like to thank our intrepid group of Ghost Hunters for all their imput and enthusiasm during the night and a big thank you to Lee and his staff for all their interest and help during our Ghost Hunt. We look forward to a return visit to the Green Man when we, once again, hope to unearth more of their unknown guests.


The Moat House on Friday, 7th May 2010 

We arrived at The Moat House and was greeted by Christian who kindly gave us a tour of the property. Both Jason and Patrick quickly picked up on many spirits in the building and a lot of them moving about around them. Patrick picked up on a Reverend to begin with. On the 3rd floor Jason picked up a strong entity at each end room and an old woman who was very thin. Patrick picked up on a nasty entity in the Function Room and Jason picked up on a shadow of a grey lady on the stairs. They both picked up on the sound of children running around upstairs and Jason picked up the name Emily.Whilst looking in the stable area Jason picked up on a hanging out there and put the name William to it. Whilst being shown around the grounds Patrick picked up on a suicide by jumping from a window and also a drowning out there, whilst Jason picked up on bodies buried in the grounds and a lot of whipping going on. Once the initial tour was over we went back to the Function Room to prepare for our guests for the evening.

Having greeted our intrepid Ghost Hunters we took them on a tour of the building and a lot more things were picked up : Delilah picked up a murder; a lady named Rose and a man named Larry. Julian picked up a lot of children and an old man cackling. Claire picked up the names Ted or Edward and Mary and a lady outside the toilets with shackles on her wrists. Tim picked up on a Jeremy or Jeremiah. All of them had picked up a lot of negativity especially from the room to the right of the Function Room.

After a short tea break we began with glass work in the Function Room. A lot of glass movement was experienced and movement to the right hand side of the room noticed. Whilst doing table divination a lot of vigorous table movement was to be had. A lot of questions were asked and answered during this time. We established that one of the entities was a former patient in the asylum here and a date of 89 given which we assume to be 1889. He told us he was afraid of the wardens and that room 9N was upstairs. He gave the name of Oliver, and confirmed there were a lot of spirit people in the room and building. A man was picked up sitting at the far end bar and a bang was heard in the corridors. A cough in the room was heard and the name of John woody was spelt out on the table. Also the name of Alice was given. During our glass work Jason noticed that Julian's face appeared to change to that of an old man. We decided to call an end to this part of our investigation as they all seemed to pick up on a lot of nastiness in the room. We then found that Tim had been scratched badly across his kneck.

We then moved upstairs where a large dog appeared to be running around and Jason kept seeing a head poking around the doorway. Although we tried glass movement here we didn't get much response so after a while decided to have a much needed refreshment and cigarette break.

We then went downstairs into the now closed Restaurant area where we unsuccesfully attempted to connect with any spirits there. However, during this time Julian began to act extremely strangely and appeared unable to speak and got up and left the room but still watching us. Suddenly he darted back up to the Function room and we all followed after him. We found him sat on a chair looking at his hands and when questioned he said he had blood on his hands. He didn't know any of us and was most concerned that the women shouldn't be up there as this was the men's ward !!! We assumed that was why he had ran from downstairs as that must have been the women's ward. Through gentle questioning by Bernice he explained that he was patient B1 and when Patrick said "Hello I'm B2" Julian responded that B2 had got hung. He showed Bernice the tattoo on his kneck giving his number as B1. He said B3 was buried outside. He said the gazebo outside was where you were sent when you are naughty into isolation and that he hadn't been but had heard people screaming from there. Throughout all the questions he was constantly worrying about the women being there - he said "they will rape and kill the women if they're caught up here". We mentioned the name of Bertha at which point he moved quickly away showing he was afraid of her as "she whips them" (Bertha was apparently the name of the head nurse at the asylum). When asked if he knew Edward Hollins (who was apparently the surgeon there) he answered "oh you mean the small guy"? Bernice asked him why he was there and he said he was accused of killing someone but he had been set up by his best mate who had got away with it. Throughout this "interview" he was extremely anxious and fidgety and needed constant assurance that all was OK. When asked if he knew any of us he didn't and he didn't recognise his fiancee Claire. He then simply appeared to collapse and came round not knowing what had happened or where he was. All in all this was a very interesting experience for us all.

We then moved on to the stable area where we used the glass to connect. This was extremely amusing as the glass spelt out messages stating that the name of the spirit there was Lucy who had been killed by Oliver when she was 29 by drowning. That it wasn't suicide and he had raped her in 1910. The name McIntyre was spelt out. The word HELP was spelt out and when questioned said that there had been a more recent murder of a young girl in her early 20s in September 2008 and the body had been moved elsewhere. Now this was extremely interesting as THIS was recent and we were all caught up in the messages received. The glass then spelt out HAHAHAHAHAHAH FOOLS and he confirmed he had lied throughout this glasswork session !!!!!!!!

After a final refreshment break we went into the carvery where we had heard things happen at 3 am . We tried glass work here and got vigorous movement. Via the glass we were told the names Adam, Len and a wife Freda who had been murdered with her 4 children by her husband who was then committed. We also established that witchcraft had been carried out here and that there were a lot of nasty entities around. During this session at 3 am an alarm went off in the kitchen area !!!!!!!

A lot of activity was experienced during the night at this magnificent building and is certainly being put as one of our favourite venues to reinvestigate at a future date if anyone dare to join us that is.................



We have not written a report for this Ghost Hunt  because we had barely any  activity during the whole night.  The only people that seemed to experience anything were the landlady and her friend, but as they belong  to the pub, attend Ghost Hunts here most weeks and no-one else reported anything, we cannot report on that. Sadly this venue did not fulfill the expectations we had for it. Although deep caves  which were highly atmospheric especially in the pitch black there was hardly any reportable activity there - which was  a great shame as we had looked forward to this particular  venue for a long while, but the spooks obviously didn't want to come out to play with us on that occasion. Hopefully, other groups will not be disappointed as we were. 


We arrived at the Hack Green Secret Bunker and Jason immediately reacted with “Wow this is going to be a good night” and Patrick totally agreed. We were kindly shown around by Roger, our host for the evening and found the Bunker a fascinating place, even before we‘d started any investigations. There was a lot of wartime memorabilia including nuclear weapons which had only been available for the public to see since 2004. Jason, who is studying nuclear physics, was in his element here!!! When our Ghost Hunters arrived and we had had our security checks done and briefed about the building by Roger, we started our investigation into this extraordinary building. In the first area we encountered a spirit man standing at the end of the corridor and Patrick described him as “Tom” a man in his 50s who came from the farmland the Bunker had been built on. An older spirit man in his 60s appeared - a white collar worker to do with the government and the name “Frederick” was picked up on. All along these corridors were spirits standing around in the rooms and doorways - obviously interested in what we were doing. Voices were heard by Patrick, Jason, Claire, Julian and Roger. Another spirit man followed us around and when asked to copy Patrick’s whistle, a distinct whistling was heard by all of us and often throughout the evening he was heard whistling. We then climbed up onto a concrete area of the ventilation shaft, where Jason told us a spirit was hiding in the corner, keeping well away from us. After a while we climbed down from the area and both Jason and Samantha heard a growl and as we left a large bang was heard behind us. At this point a tea break was called for and whilst some of them were outside they heard distinct voices and movement around the building. We then moved into the corridor and office areas where Julian saw an old man peeping from behind the door. We decided to do some glass work in one of the room, where we got a lot of movement and banging in the office area. We were made aware that someone had passed away in there and the spirits were not happy at us being there and noticing them. Moving onto a second office, all our sensitive’s and mediums picked up on a very strange feeling in the room of a negative entity. During our glass work in here we connected with a man who had worked at the Bunker, with a foreign sounding name, who for some reason took a great dislike to Claire and told us to get out. Via the glass the name of Jarrod was spelt out who explained he had been killed at the Bunker aged 48. A lot of cold draughts were felt by all in this room, bearing in mind the whole building was sealed and sound proofed !!! Jarrod told us he liked Claire which made her feel better !!! We had a lot of table movement and tipping in here which indicated that the spirit person was an American. A banging could be clearly heard in the deserted corridors and a lot of noises coming from the offices. Sarah felt a tapping on her leg and once again a cold blast on her legs. From here, we moved along into the Cinema Room where we all picked up a strange smell likened to electrical burning. Here our glass work, once again, spelt out the name Jarrod and he responded to us with a “Hi” spelt out on the glass and the information that someone, who worked here in 1953, had died in a fire - hence the smell experienced. The glass was then taken over by another spirit who called himself “James” who, in response to questioning, told us he had lived here and that he disliked our host Roger because Roger had called him a liar (which Roger confirmed). He then began spelling out insults to all of us. Patrick intervened and asked him to stop being rude and insulting to our guests and his response was “Hee hee sorry” (more like a child’s response we felt) !!!!! He explained that he had died in the building and that there was also a woman there named Linda who had 2 children but he knew nothing else apart from the presence in the Bunker of an extremely nasty spirit man. Julian at this point began to get attacked and had to be taken outside of the building to recover even though there were a lot of energies out there as well. The rest of us decided a well-earned break was called for. After our break - fully refreshed and raring to go - we moved onto the Detonation Room, which, when the door was closed, felt very oppressive and claustrophobic. Here we experienced a LOT of tapping and table movement. A red ball was rolled off the table in answer to specific questions and in the direction as requested by Patrick. We were told about a lady who had committed suicide on the railway tracks near by and when asked to move the ball it didn’t roll by simply shook. Once again James warned us about the very nasty spirit man in the Bunker who they were all afraid off. For our final room, we moved onto the Women’s’ Dormitory , where the most impressive, albeit unpleasant, activity occurred. Julian immediately felt sick again and had to leave the room but returned to report he could feel a severe stabbing sensation in his side. Both Claire and Sarah simultaneously reported a strange sensation of being kicked “from the inside” similar to that felt whilst pregnant. We proceeded with glass work where it was spelt out that Jason was going to kill Julian !!!! At this point on looking at Jason we noticed his demeanour had changed completely, - he stood straight backed with his hands behind his back and stared at Julian. Patrick intervened and Jason was able to explain that a very stern, dark-haired military man with a foreign accent was attempting to possess him and he had to concentrate on not allowing him to do so. At this point Julian felt ill once more and he, Patrick and Roger left the area. The glass work was resumed with just the female members of the group and Jason whereby a female spirit connected very strongly with Jason. She spelt out very clear concise messages regarding her name, who she was, details about her being in the Bunker and her death at the hands of a German man. Jason was able to answer the questions posed by the ladies simultaneously as the glass spelt the answers out. He described who she was and at each disclosure the glass responded sharply to confirm what he had said was true. During this Jason was constantly aware of the very negative spirit man getting more angry and frightening her. We actually gained a lot of facts, names, dates etc from this lady which we are in the process of researching, as it is of a more recent date and hopefully we will be able to find reports on it. She also advised her that James was her son and she had been killed whilst pregnant with him. Hence us feeling a childish energy and the ladies experiencing internal kicking !!!! After giving us many details, she asked for help to be moved into the light. Jason called on Patrick to help with this, whilst he concentrated on keeping the negative entity at bay. Before moving into the light the lady said she wanted our help to get details of her story to her family and promised she would be able to connect with Jason at a later date in respect of this. Patrick was then able to move her and her son into the light with the help of his Spirit Guides. The whole evening here had been very exciting with the final experience giving us all a lot to think about. We will definitely be returning to the Bunker again in the future to see what else we can unearth and, hopefully, allow Jason to connect again with this gentle lady’s spirit.