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Meet the Team

Patrick Hutchinson : Resident Medium

National Award winning medium Patrick Hutchinson has worked for many years, touring around Britain. Featured in numerous media articles, both written and filmed, he is perhaps most famous for his sensational discovery of a paedophile which led to the man's arrest.

His unique, straight to the point attitude along with his down to earth character provides a perfect balance for the ghost hunting environment. Unafraid to “tell it as it is”, you can be assured that Patrick will inform you of any entities around and exactly what they are saying.

For more on information please visit his website


Samantha Hutchinson : Event Coordinator and Team Leader

Samantha is a fully qualified psychologist who graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science. Her scientific background and rational outlook is brilliant for paranormal investigations as all “activity” will be scrutinized and looked at from a logical point. This point of view is needed on ghost hunts so that all evidence captured, is indeed evidence and not the mind playing tricks on us. You can therefore rest assure that any activity on the night will be genuine and thought about carefully before it being declared as paranormal activity.

Samantha is also co-owner of Ghost Gang hauntings and so any events will be arranged by her, so if you have any suggestions of haunted locations be sure to get in contact.


Hayley Whillier : Event Coordinator and Team Leader


Hayley is an extremely talented spiritualist artist, producing beautiful and peaceful masterpieces. Her ability to tap into her psyche to create these paintings has resulted in her become more open to the spirit world around us. Her intuition is often right and will only increase with time. This positive energy is very good for ghost hunts as it often attracts the more friendlier spirits as well as children, who are often more than willing to play!

Hayley is also the other owner of Ghost Gang Hauntings, so she will be able to answer any enquiries or questions that you have on the night regarding the nights itinerary etc.


Bernice Hutchinson : Team Member


Bernice has absolutely no psychic sensitivity, and according to her she is about as "psychic as a table". Although there is no point in asking her if there is any spirits in the room, her logical output and self proclaimed insensitivity to spirit is perfect for ghost hunting. Everything is looked at from a logical view point with Bernice and she is always looking for the logical explanation. This all said, Bernice is herself a big believer in the spirit world, and as Patrick's wife, travels with him all the time. Although she always looks for an explanation there has been times, and hopefully many more to come, where some things just cannot be explained….


Jason Hutchinson : Team Member


Jason is the trainee medium. Although his gift is still developing, he has excellent "eyesight" and can actually see spirits. As Patrick's son, he often has to "watch his dads back" and make sure nothing negative is sneaking up. Hopefully Jason's abilities will improve with time and develop into the gift of hearing to accompany his gift of sight. So if you join us make sure you ask Jason who's in the room and he will point them out to you and tell you what they look like!